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Crow is a new breed of operative. Only one of his kind in the world. Trains with Buddhist monks in Japan and Aboriginal peoples in Australia. He is formidable. And he’s for hire.

In SUMMIT, Crow is working for an organization based in London. The brief: what’s behind the media blackout on the next G20 summit? Is there a link with an industrialist’s $100 billion donation in gold to Washington? The British Prime Minister wants to know.

Crow travels to Russia, France and the United States to find the answer. He believes his skills are wasted on what looks like a political deal. Until he discovers that the gold is a smokescreen for something far more sinister.

How is it possible that Washington did not see it coming — again?

'This extraordinarily well written first novel shows tactical command of the secret world of counter-terrorism we only rarely glimpse in news reports. From first to last, it takes us on a harrowing journey through a shadow land of strategy and bluff. Told with the realism of an expert who knows this world from experience, it introduces us to the hidden conflicts behind the news about which we would otherwise know nothing. It will now be impossible to listen to the news without thinking that the real story is being withheld, and we will all be better for knowing what this challenging novel reveals. It is a work of fiction, of course, but it rings true on every page. The hero, upon whose shoulders we hope a new franchise is being born, is a figure of privacy who holds his personal secrets as carefully as he does those he is entrusted with. A compelling read on every page, this announces a new writer of great talent. SUMMIT belongs between two hardcovers.'

Robert McMinn, Senior Vice President, Lakeshore Entertainment.

September 4 2013.